Dimension-Polyant has added the first commercially available customized membrane sailcloth for the sailmaker to its product line. D4® membranes cover the full range of applications for the sailmaker, with a history covering boats of all sizes in Grand Prix and Club Race, Cruise and Mega Yachts. Different fibers and blends thereof combined with several surface options allow the sailmaker to create a custom product directed specifically to his customers needs. Sail shape designs are created by the sailmaker/designer the exact same as they always have.




Yarn densities and trajectories are varied throughout the membrane to ensure the optimal amount and direction of yarn for the predicted loads. Complementary yarn layouts are standard for the reefs, cunningham and tack. For the cruising sail, additional passes addressing loads from roller furling can be added to ensure proper thread support for partially furled sails.
The result of this advanced threadline construction with curved yarns is minimum weight for maximum shape retention, longevity and performance of any type of sail. When the D4® kit arrives at the loft the sailmaker completes the construction of the paneled sail. The result is an extremely smooth, durable and lasting sail that will perform over a wide range of conditions.