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In the 17th century, in Trieste, worked 40 sailmakers, one of their collaborators Ernesto Zadro, in 1917 opened his own loft.
The results of his experience, joined to the study of aerodynamic, carried the name Zadro on the racing fields, where many famous helmsmen (Straulino among them) gained victories in the whole Europe and in Olympic races.

The orders came from the whole Europe, and, to Ernesto Sr. joined his son Ernesto.
After the 2┬░ world war, we started in working with Class C yachts and metric classes.
At the end of the years ÔÇś60 the I.O.R. is born, and starts working in the loft Ernesto Jr. son, Aldo (3┬░ generation), at the same time we gain other victories in fin keels classes.

In 1981, first in Italy, we test the Mylar Kevlar.

As in 1917, we work without precise limits between private and professional life, and the relationship with the customer is extremely direct.

We remain a ÔÇ×humanÔÇť firm, strictly connected with the modern technologies (we use since many years the computerized projecting/cutting joined to a sophisticated sofware for simulation) but we do not forget our origins.

As special prize, in the 2002, we are elected best Italian sailmaker, and arrives in the loft, after an experience by an important american sailmaker, the nephew Federico (4┬░ generation, often on racing fields)

In 2003, we open a new loft, but our working way, the honesty and the seriousness to offer you a good product, remain always the same.

Since many years our sails are projected with high top softwares of design, also in collaboration with some naval architects. Thanks to a continuous work of analysing every new project improves the previous, making the Zadro sails a product everyday in progress. The cutting is totally automatized so we can assure an extreme precision.
In the building process we use long-arm sewing machines and pre-assembly with double-sided adhesive that allow us to build very big sails in a really fast and easy way.
The materials that we use comes from the most important producers in the world; that assure another step in the quality. We test for a long time all the changes before these comes as normal production.
Today we offer some production lines, for cruisers and racers and also for heavy cruisers.
Naturally we produce also sails for One-design in the both race and cruise version.
We give the same care at the accessories: furling systems, mainsail covers also in Lazy Bag version, genoa covers, all builded with UV-resistant materials; Easy Spi (our spinnaker chute), Takewind for ventilate your boat and our sun-covers and winter-covers; Sheets, Halyards, Blocks and all deck  and mast riggings.
Furthermore we offer you the washing, maintenance and revision service for your sails.

Our craft is to help you on sailing, we never forgot it!!!