Modern rigging and clothes give the possibility to obtain sails with very good performances on classic and oldtimer yachts, but there is the risk that the sails loose their traditional style due to the modern building technics used by some sailmakers.
Our sails are an excellent reference point in the sector, due on material quality, attention on details, use of customized accessories especially studied to replicate original ones, all connected to our sailmaking experience and competence.
The experience accumulated in the production of oldtimer sails, first in cotton and then in dacron, made that some of the most beautiful boats of International Yachting have had our sails.

By using first choice Dacron white, cream or tanbark, we can cut the sails cross-cut, vertical or fishbone (mitre cut), and after finish them with ÔÇťOld Art RuleÔÇŁ.
However in the optics to give you a sail that can marry to the best with your  precious and loved boat.